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Crossley Woods
Crossley Lane
WF14 0NX
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Our Ethics

Darren and Nigel Smith still remain ultimately hands on and physically on site to ensure that the quality of each and every home is built to our highest standard.

This is to give the prospective home owner peace of mind to know that no corners have been cut and no compromises have been made in the building of their home.

We believe in doing the job right first time and pride ourselves in keeping any remedial work to an absolute minimum, if at all. We stand tall besidfe our NHBC rating which gives us twenty years of registration with a no claims record.

We believe it is really important that our team have worked with Darren Smith Homes for many years a therefore have a great understanding of how we work, what our standards are and of each of the trade requirements in order to provide an effective, co ordinated construction service.

Our promise is to give every stage of the house building process absolute attention to detail. We are always striving towards perfection. Each stage of our process is vital to ensure that the finished product is pristine and ready for the home owner to move in to, so that you can enjoy a hassle free home for many years to come. 


Site acquisition, planning and design.

Location Location Location is not just a cliché. We devote considerable time and resources to acquiring the finest sites that are available. We believe that each site is totally individual and try to design each and every home with this in mind to produce a truly bespoke final product.

This starts with the initial drawing and the plans for the layout of the new development. We work with consultant engineers, architects and planners to ensure that we deliver the optimum designs to suit today’s lifestyles which harmonise with the locality and setting of each development.   

The Structure

We consider this to be a crucial element in the building of your home. If this part is not accurately constructed then the rest of the build is a series of compromises leading to untold problems. We believe in getting it right from the foundation of the house so we can attain the supreme finished article more easily.

We take great pride in aesthetics and durability of the external masonry, joinery and roofing to provide that kerbside wow factor.  We also pay great attention to detail to those unseen elements of construction, such as the cavity walls, to ensure that the performance of your new home matches its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To demonstrate the companies pride in their work we have invented a new brickwork aid called K.I.P (patent pending) which will help deliver an even better, more aesthetically pleasing final product for you to enjoy.

No internal works will be undertaken until the roof is on and watertight. This helps cut down on any shrinkage and cracking that can occur much after completion.


Internal works to completion.

Equal attention is then paid to the interior. We consider the most practical and up to date options for plumbing/heating and electrical installations and we only use the finest of carpenters/joiners and plasterers to complete the internal finishes, ready for the painters and decorators to commence with the final finishing touches.

Our interior team will then liaise with the home owner to give you the opportunity to be involved and to work with us to personalise your home to your satisfaction.

We aim to provide you with the most desirable and stylish interiors ensuring that the quality, durability and colour schemes of the kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces complement the external wow factor.

Our team have worked with Darren Smith Homes for many years and therefore work with a great understanding of each of the trades’ requirements in order to provide an effective, co coordinated construction process.

The completed home is checked over by Darren and Nigel to ensure that it complies with their own high standard. A team of cleaners will then ensure that each and every new home is pristine for your arrival. As a welcome gesture each new home owner will receive a bouquet of flowers upon arrival in their new home and a scented candle so that your house feels just like your home right from the start.